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Tell your MP to make smoking history  

This February, politicians living in England will have the chance to stand up for lung health and protect the next generation from the harm of smoking by voting for an age limit that increases every year. Smoking traps young people in a spiral of addiction which can be lifelong. It puts their lung health at serious risk and can lead to deadly diseases, like lung cancer.

Millions of people smoke but most of them want to quit and wish they never started in the first place. Your MP has the chance to change this – to stop the cycle and stamp out smoking for good.  

Ask your MPs to vote for new laws that will increase the legal age of smoking by one year, every year. Take action today and protect future generations from harm.  

*Please note you must be resident in England to take part.

Letters to politicians are far more powerful with a personal message, so take the opportunity to tell your MP why preventing future generations smoking is important to you.

For example, let your MP know if: 

  •  you’re personally affected by a lung condition, care for or know someone who does, and smoking is having a debilitating impact on your life 
  • you’re worried about the impact of smoking on the health of your children or loved ones  
  •  you work in the NHS and have concerns about the impact of smoking on patients.

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