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Saving Your Breath

Right now, thousands of people with lung conditions across the UK are suffering. They’re scared, alone and exhausted. They’re being diagnosed too late, or not getting the right treatment – leading them to become seriously ill and needing hospital care. And the poorest are paying the highest price. 

This is life + breath. The government need to get serious about lung health – now. 

Our three steps to fix respiratory care: 

  1. Ramp up and fully fund testing to make sure everyone who needs it is able to get an early and accurate diagnosis  
  2. Support everyone with a lung condition to stay healthy by improving data and monitoring, including annual reviews with a medical professional   
  3. Improve access to the medications and treatments that work so people with lung conditions have the best possible chances to live well  

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If you need to speak to someone about a lung condition, please contact our helpline on 0300 222 5800.

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